Other Clubs

Social Networks

Specialty Running Stores

  • Fleet Feet Hoboken
    Hoboken's fine running store. They are good friends to the club.
  • Runner's High
    Jersey City now has a fine store for our members and friends there.

Other Commercial Friends

  • Hoboken Golf
    HOHA Ian owns an indoor golf shop for you to practice, play simulated rounds, get lessons, and more.
  • Mile Mark Online
    Jenn in Jersey City sells running apparel online and at big running event expos.

Race and Running Info

Some good sites for race information, mostly for Jersey races. For New York races, check the NYRR site above.

Other stuff

  • Great tool with Google maps
    If your web browser handles Google maps, this site lets you map your running course and it give the distance of it. Pretty useful.
  • America's Running Routes
    USATF is using Google Maps to let people put their favorite running routes into a big database. Find running routes around the area or someplace you are going to visit. Or save your favorite running route for others to use.
  • Hills in the area
    Find out how steep and long those hills are. This was originally on the web site of the New York Cycling Club, but I do not see it there anymore.

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